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Rain Barrels

Garden Pal Rain Barrel

Agua Fria Series Rain Barrels

Cubo Series Rain Barrels

Nino Series Rain Barrels

Villa Series Rain Barrels

Flat-Back Rain Collection Barrel

Achla Rain Catcher

RTS Rock Fountain Collector

Rain Water Solutions 65 Gallon Rain Barrel

Madison Rain Catcher

RainXchange 75 Gallon Rain Barrel

Complete Aquabarrel® Rain Barrels

EMSCO 60 Gallon Deluxe Rain Barrel

Water Urn w/ Planter

Water Stone Rain Barrels

Rainwater Hog

Second Rain DIY Bench Kits

Collapsable Rain Barrel Kits

Rain Barrels for Sale sells a wide variety of rain barrels for harvesting, collecting and storing rainwater.

We have hundreds of rain barrels in stock and ready to ship nationwide. Our barrels come in a wide array of sizes, shapes and colors. These barrels are perfect for home garden and lawn irrigation. Rainwater is naturally rich in nutrients unlike municipally provided water.

Our rain collection barrels are offered in a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors to blend seamlessly into your garden. For example we sell rain barrels that look like fountains and decorative rocks for visual appeal. People often fail to recognize just how much rainwater they can collect. A basic rule of thumb is for every inch of rain fall, approximately 600 gallons of rain can be collected by a 1,000 square foot catchment area.

Our rain barrel collection systems are designed so that you can feed a downspout from your gutter directly into a strainer basket in the top of the barrel. People are often suprised that they are able to collect over a thousand gallons of rain during one day of heavy storming. The ecological and economic impact of using rain barrel collection systems is unrivaled by city provided water supply.

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