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Graf Carat Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

Graf Top-Tank 350 Gallon Above Ground Water Tank
350 Gallon Capacity
Size: 46"D x 63"H
Part: GRAF-323002
Ships From: GA
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Online Price: $488.99

Graf Herkules 430 Gallon Above / Below Ground Water Tank
430 Gallon Capacity
Size: 52"D x 62"H
Part: GRAF-200200
Ships From: GA
| Freight Calculator
Online Price: $788.99

Graf 700 Gallon Carat S Rainwater Retention Cistern
700 Gallon Capacity
Size: 82"L x 62"W x 79"H
Part: GRAF-372001
Ships From: GA
| Freight Calculator
Online Price: $1,498.99

Graf 1000 Gallon Carat S Rainwater Retention Cistern
1000 Gallon Capacity
Size: 90"L x 69"W x 87"H
Part: GRAF-372002
Ships From: GA
| Freight Calculator
Online Price: $1,698.99

Graf 1250 Gallon Carat S Rainwater Retention Cistern
1250 Gallon Capacity
Size: 90"L x 78"W x 96"H
Part: GRAF-372003
Ships From: GA
| Freight Calculator
Online Price: $1,898.99

Graf 1700 Gallon Carat S Rainwater Retention Cistern
1700 Gallon Capacity
Size: 94"L x 86"W x 107"H
Part: GRAF-372004
Ships From: GA
| Freight Calculator
Online Price: $2,398.99

Graf 2650 Gallon Carat XL Rainwater Retention Cistern
2650 Gallon Capacity
Size: 139"L x 88"W x 114"H
Part: GRAF-372006
Ships From: GA
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Online Price: $4,398.99

Rainwater Collection Advantages & Benefits of the Graf Carat S Rainwater Tanks

The Carat tank is manufactured in two seperate pieces or shells which can be nested inside of each other, this allows huge freight savings when ordering multiple Carat S tanks because more tanks can fit on an individual pallet. For illustration purposes, you could fit five 1,250 gallon Carat Tanks on a single pallet. A standard 40 foot shipping container has enough space to ship a volume of 35,000 gallons of tanks. The tanks special stacking design reduces transportation costs while making it easy to ship virtually anywhere in the world at reduced costs.

Easy Installation:

  • Graf's patented quick connection, makes it easy to assemble the Carat S tank in a matter of minutes without using any screws or fasteners.
  • The profile sealings are high quality EPDM and have been laboratory tested to ensure a longevity longer than 25 years.
  • A centering bolt helps you make sure you have the two shells aligned properly in order to prevent any leaks.

Additional Advantages:

  • Highly durable because of modern manufacturing techniques
  • Improved fit accuracy due to new industrial manufacturing techniques
  • Production monitoring ensures you receive a high quality product
  • Can be used for vehicle loading when used in conjuction with the cast iron lid cover.
  • High quality manufacturing makes the tank safe for ground water storage up to half of the tank's level.
  • Tanks are easily transported
  • 15 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Systems can easily be expanded to meet future water usage requirements
  • "USA Patent 7854338"

Rainwater Tank Applications:

  • The Carat S tanks have been specially designed and manufactured for rainwater harvesting and collection.
  • The modular system can be adapted to meet your specific application requirements - whether it be for the home or garden

Graf Carat XL Rainwater Retention Cisterns

  • Carat XL Rainwater tanks feature optimized tank geometry and stabilization through the use of professional CAD development.
  • Accurate fit of additional components because of high quality production environment
  • High grade and consistent product quality
  • Stable for groundwater up to half tank level because of high quality and durable construction
  • Graf XL tanks comes with a 15 year manufacturer warannty
  • System is easily adapted and expanded based on water requirements


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