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Domestic Pump Controller
Lancaster MASCONTROL Domestic Pump - 1" MNPT 15 GPM
Part: 1-BOSS1
Ships From: PA
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Online Price: $360.99
Lancaster MASCONTROL Domestic Pump - 1-1/4" MNPT 25 GPM
Part: 1-BOSS125
Ships From: PA
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Online Price: $406.99

MASCONTROL Domestic Pump Controller
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An advanced and economical solution for controlling surface mounted jet and end-suction centrifugal water pumps.

MASCONTROL is an innovative device providing optimum control for electric pumps used in residential, domestic irrigation and booster systems. An intelligent mix of hydraulic and electronic engineering, MASCONTROL monitors both pressure and flow, controlling the operation of the pump automatically. No pressure tank or switch required. No cyclic variations in pressure or flow at the point of use. No risk
of running the pump dry. No adjustment or maintenance is needed. Much more compact than traditional tank systems, MASCONTROL is dependable, durable and simple to install.

-MASCONTROL operates the pump from min. 22psi to the max. pressure generated by the pump.
-Max. pressure generated by the pump (at 0 gpm flow, a.k.a. ?close-off? pressure)must be at least 45 psi. For booster pump applications, the sum of incoming supply pressure plus max. pressure generated by the pump must equal at least 45 psi.
-For submersible well pump applications, max. pressure is very high? be sure all pipe and fittings are capable of handling the max. pressure generated by the submersible pump.
-The vertical height of water column and highest tap above the MASCONTROL must not exceed 50 feet.
-Recommended max. flow rates are meant to minimize pressure losses thru the MASCONTROL. Use bypass application with either model for excessive flow rates.

Features & Benefits
-Maintains constant pressure and flow.
-Eliminates pump pressure switch.
-Can be used with or without a small pressure tank.
-Built-in pressure and flow switch.
-Built-in check valve.
-Built-in dry-run protection.
-Assists in absorbing water hammer.
-Reduces pump cycles, increasing pump life.
-Dual voltage 115 or 230 VAC.
-No adjustment or maintenance required.
-Simple installation saves space and time.
-Only replacement part is the electronic box
- No rebuilds required.

Features of Construction
-Hydraulic housing molded using reinforced plastic.
-EPDM diaphragm and steel spring respond to variations in pressure.
-Stainless steel flow valve responds to variations in flow.
-NEMA 12 electronic box molded using self-extinguishing plastic.
-Individually tested electronic circuit board.
-Relay with special contacts and electrical life of over 300,000 cycles.

-Single-phase power - supply voltage.....115/230 VAC
-Max. working pressure..........................145 PSI
-Max. working temperature....................149°F

Part Number Connections For Flows Up To
1-BOSS1   1" MNPT       15 GPM
1-BOSS125 1-1/4" MNPT 25 GPM



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