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Automatic Sump & Waste Water Pumps
Lancaster 1/3 HP Automatic Waste Water Pump
Part: 4-X99A33
Ships From: PA
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Online Price: $434.99
Lancaster 1/2 HP Automatic Waste Water Pump
Part: 4-X99A50
Ships From: PA
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Online Price: $448.99

Automatic Laundry Tray Waste Water Pumps

Lancaster X99 pumps are designed for gravity feed pumping applications.  They will remove clean or waste water from a laundry sink/tray/tub in an area with no floor drains.  These pumps can be located below the laundry sink/tray/tub and will pump waste water to an overhead or remote drain line.  No need to break through the floor for unsanitary sumps and sump pumps.
Applications include: laundry tray, wet bar sink, lavatory sink, air conditioning condensate dehumidifier water removal.
NOT recommended for flammable or explosive liquids or liquids with solids, strong acids or caustics.
Maximum water temperature 130 degrees F.

Single phase, 115v, thru-bolt motor w/ automatic reset thermal overload protector.
8 ft. 16/3 SJTOW cord set with plug.
CL30 gray iron discharge casing.
Glass filled polypropylene semi-open impeller.
Buna-N mechanical rotary seal and o-ring.
Neoprene gaskets.
Cast aluminum suction housing.
Mechanically-activated switch.
Inlet size: 1-1/2" NPT Female.
Discharge size: 1" NPT Female.
Vent size: 1/2" NPT Female.

Model HP Total Head in Feet Shut Offhead Max Ft. at 0 GPM
5' 10' 15' 20' 25' 30'
X99A33 X99M33 1/3 31 25 18 9 - - 25'
X99A50 X99M50 1/2 36 32 27 19 12 7 32'


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