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Aqua2Use Greywater Recycling System
Aqua2Use Greywater Recycling System
Size: 23.2"L x 14.6"W x 20"H
Part: Aqua2useGWDD
Ships From: CA
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Online Price: $644.99

Aqua2Use Greywater Recycling System

The most simple and affordable greywater system made today. Designed for easy installation and cleaning, the Aqua2use greywater system was built to bring water conservation to the average household. While most greywater systems are complex to install and use chemicals to treat the water, the Aqua2use is designed with Matala filtration pads. The Matala 3D Progressive multi-stage filtration system is already proven in over 40 countries. It's able to handle many tens of thousands of gallons of greywater without cleaning, something no other diverter system on the market can claim. The patented Matala pads pull out for simple and frequent cleaning. Additionally, there are no chemicals needed for water treatment. This is a big benefit for the environment and your family surroundings. We recommend using a licensed plumber for installation.

Features of the Aqua2Use System:

  • State of the art progressive cross-flow filtration is able to trap a high volume of impurities without plugging.
  • Multichamber plug flow concept: If the first filter web gets clogged the filtration is done by the 2nd and 3rd filter web. If the second web gets clogged, the filtration is done by the 3rd filter web.
  • Fully automated system
  • Compact device (Length 24", Width 15", Height 20") - can be installed in crawl space.
  • System can be installed either above ground, half-submerged in ground, or under ground.
  • Easy to connect inlet and overflow
  • Built in overflow safety system
  • State of the Art Progressive 4 Stage Filtration
  • Built in dry run pump protection, preventing clogging and damage to the pump
  • Submersible pump with integrated Electronic Pump Controller(EPC)
  • Diverter valve included
  • Easy to clean - just hose the filters every six months
  • UV resistant
  • Water Mark approved
  • Approved for gravity installations - can be used with or without the pump

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