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Contain Rainwater Harvesting Wall - 62 Gal

Contain  Rainwater Harvesting Wall - 62 Gal

The Contain  Rainwater Harvesting Wall is built with quality in mind. Our new tank is built  from the highest food grade plastics available and is made with 100% recyclable  materials. We stand behind our products and offer a lifetime warranty "Water  Tight For Life"

The Contain  Rainwater Harvesting Wall can be used as a free standing privacy fence, wall  attraction, living wall, water shed and will essentially be adaptable to the  wildest imaginations because of its flexible size.

The Contain  Rainwater Harvesting Wall is a dual sided tank leaving the end user with two  different cosmetic options.
  1) Beautiful  rock wall look with modern touches.
  2) Generic  look with shelves for flower pots and or whatever you decide should be stored.

Dimensions-  30" x 6.5" x 72"
  Capacity- 62  Gallons
  Connect  together at the base to create virtually unlimited rainwater storage
  New rock  design on side "A" and generic face on side "B"
  Manufactured  from High Density, Food Grade Plastic
  Manufactured  in the USA  meeting all FDA requirements for potable uses
  Warm,  attractive dual face appearance and the installations a breeze.

    MOUNTING  BRACKETS: Mounting Brackets Assure that your tank is mounted safely - each  tank is
  45lbs dry and 540lbs wet. Safety is key when installing any tank and the
  Contain Aboveground mounting brackets have been proven time and time again
  to be designed with safety in mind. Mounting brackets can be installed in 15
  minutes or less.

Part Number: CCA-CRHWALL
Capacity: 62 Gallons
Size: 6"L x 35"W x 72"H
Weight: 42 lbs.
Ships From: IA


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