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Desert Plastics 65 Gallon Peso Rain Barrel -Plus

The Peso Series Rain Barrel


The Peso rain barrel has all of the essential elements plus  extra features for effective rainwater collection, storage, and distribution.  This rain barrel holds 50 or 65 gallons and has vertical parallel sides, which  offer less resistance to expanding ice than constricting shapes. Plus, the  cylindrical shape allows a very high hoop strength for the quantity of resin  used.
   A zinc garden drain valve is standard and an internal  overflow tube provides the necessary release of excess water through a drain  outlet inset in the base of the barrel. Thermal welded fittings and seamless  construction both serve to prevent water leakage. The Peso is built with UV  protection additive and is FDA approved for potable water.
   The Fixed Canale Top in Polka Dot Style is affixed to the  top of the rain barrel with inset screens. The straining material is common  door screen, which keeps the barrel mosquito resistant, yet allows good water  flow. It is held into place on the topside by a poly ring that is stapled into  the main body. This design can be easily and cheaply replaced at home. While  this style is best with falling water, it also works very well with downspouts  and rain chains. The large collection area of the canale top is necessary  because falling water "spreads out" as it falls. It occupies a much larger area  after it falls six to eight  feet and we must be ready to capture it. If the top is not properly designed,  it will cause the falling water to splash excessively. The attached lid is  important to making your rain barrel resistant to children or animal interference  and safety. The "polka-dot" lid design allows rain water in easily  but keeps out mosquitoes, insects, organic debris, and small animals.
   The 50 gallon rain barrel is ideal for most of the year but  it is recommended to drain the barrel once temperatures dip to freezing levels  to prevent potential cracking. This rain barrel is made with food grade plastic  resin. This does not allow for or mean you can drink the rainwater straight from  the bin without filtering. However, food grade plastic resin is recommended for  rain barrels, even if water is intended for irrigation purposes, as food grade  plastic reduces the amount of chemicals being absorbed into the rainwater.
   Animal, child, and mosquito resistant.  No tools are necessary for installation and  tanks arrive with all fittings installed.  


   Fitting for drain valve (3/4" NPT fitting, single  threaded, installed as close to bottom as possible
   Fitting for primary overflow (1-1/2" NPT fitting,  double threaded, installed as close to the top as possible


Peso Series is available in:
     2 sizes:
   50 Gallons -  20" D x  36" H
   65 Gallons -  20" D x  48" H


Plus - complete assembly; includes screened top with  Snap Ring; 2 installed welded fittings (a 3/4" Drain Valve with garden  hose thread and a 1-1/2" external overflow)


13 Colors:

Part Number: PESO-65PLUS
Capacity: 65 Gallons
Size: 20"D x 48"H
Weight: 60 lbs.
Ships From: NM

Top Style:

Online Price:

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