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Rainwater Glossary :
10 Steps to Rain Harvesting Sustainable Water :
U.S. Average Annual Precipitation Maps :
What is your water footprint? :
Roof-Specific Rainwater Calculator -
Downpipe and Eaves Gutter Calculator -
Flow in Gutters & Downpipes :
The Optimum Sizing of Gutters for Domestic Roofwater Harvesting :
Rainwater Harvesting and the Plumbing Codes :
Rainwater Harvesting - Pumps or Pressure Tanks :
Installing Copper Hung Gutters :

Chapter 1 Introduction: Chapter1.pdf
Chapter 2 The Figtree Place Experiment : Chapter2.pdf
Chapter 3 The Maryville House Experiment : Chapter3.pdf
Chapter 4 Rainwater Tank, Water Quality and Public Health Issues : Chapter4.pdf
Chapter 5 Institutional Resistance to the Use of Rainwater Tanks : Chapter5.pdf
Chapter 6 An Allotment Water Balance Model : Chapter6.pdf
Chapter 7 The Impact of the Use of Rainwater Tanks in Subdivisions : Chapter7.pdf
Chapter 8 A Regional Water Demand Model : Chapter8.pdf
Chapter 9 Analysis of the Water Supply Headworks Systems for the Lower Hunter and Central Coast Regions: Chapter9.pdf
Chapter 10 A Community Based Investment Model to Assess the Economic Benefits of Rainwater Tanks : Chapter10.pdf
Chapter 11 Summary and Conclusions : Conclusions.pdf
References : References.pdf

Water-Harvesting Demonstration Sites -
Water-Harvesting Financial Incentives and Resources  - 
Pest Management for Prevention and Control of Mosquitoes with Special Attention to West Nile Virus
A low cost gutter technique using waterproof shade cloth for use in Rainwater Harvesting
Home Use of Graywater, Rainwater Conserves Water--and May Save Money-
Rain Gardens - A How-To Manual for Homeowners -
ARCSA National Conference September 2009 - In-Ground Systems Lessons Learned
ARCSA 2009 Conference - First Flush and Weep

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