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May 18, 2009
City of Santa Monica, CA Rain Harvesting Rebate Application

May 11, 2009

December 21, 2008
Utah Legislator to sponsor bill allowing rainwater collection by residents

December 20, 2008
Laws Inconsistent in Their Support of Rainwater Harvesting

Helath issues - Choice of Roofing Materials

December 7, 2008
Coca-Cola's Latest Environmental Scam

December 6, 2008
Interest in water management blossoms

December 5, 2008
A Blooming Miracle (Thanks to Original Rainwater Pillows)

December 5, 2008
Santa Fe County Adopts Water Harvesting Ordinance

December 5, 2008
Water Abundance in Canada and the United States: Myth or Reality?

December 04, 2008
Water Harvesting Workshop: The Permaculture
Way in San Diego, CA   -

December 04, 2008 
Filipino inventor: Harvesting rain can solve water problem -

November 26, 2008
Tanks, bowls, pipes, crowbar - a gardener's secrets

November 24, 2008
Roof-top Hydroelectricity and Slaying Vampire Power Among Low-cost, Energy-Saving Ideas

November 23, 2008
2008 BuildingGreen Top-10 Products

November 21, 2008
It's a drop in the bucket, but it's a start

November 18, 2008
Collect rainwater to cut down H2O bill

November 14, 2008
Tired of high water bills? Harvest the rain

November 14, 2008
Recycled water to meet 20% of B'lore's needs

November 14, 2008
Altitude's Gant wins Gold Award for creating Rain Drops water harvesting system

November 11, 2008
Treatment for rainwater catchment

November 5, 2008
Thinking About Rainwater Collection?

November 4, 2008
Are gutter guards worth the cost?

November 3, 2008
WINDMILL: Agent lauded for water conservation

October 27, 2008
Tucson passes rainwater-harvesting law

October 12, 2008
A good idea if you can get away with it

October 10, 2008
San Francisco Rolls Out Rainwater Harvesting Drive

October 8, 2008
Water Harvesting Class 'Reshaping' Campus

October 3, 2008
Interview with Jim Riley on Rainwater Harvesting

June 20, 2008
Rainwater harvesting advocates bring filter tech to the U.S.

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